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webui fails to display needles when using a git repository as CASEDIR

Added by dancermak about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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The openQA webui implicitly searches for the needles in /var/lib/openqa/share/tests/$DISTRI/needles even when one overrides CASEDIR. The crux in this is, that os-autoinst actually does find the needles in the "correct" location (= $CASEDIR/needles). Only in the webui it looks like no needles could be found, because it does not automatically look in $CASEDIR/needles.

This issue can be reproduced by creating a new job and use a git repository as CASEDIR. I have for instance used, which includes the needles in the needles/ subdir. os-autoinst finds all present needles, but the webui does not.

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This looks similar to #56789. I've described the general problem (and some ideas to overcome it) with custom needles and the web UI here: #56789#note-21 #56789#note-35

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mkittler right, similar to #56789 but not exactly the same as here we have a case of needles that are part of CASEDIR, not a separate repo. Thanks for bringing in the right ticket connections.

dancermak I was not aware that you want to use needles from a custom git repo, would have told you that this feature is not yet supported :D

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