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[spike][timeboxed:18h] Demonstrate how Playwright helps with tricky UI tests

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With #91659 we'll be in a position where we could use Playwright in place of Selenium. Ideally we find some cases where it's clearly better in terms of time spent on writing new tests, fixing unreliable tests or debugging problems.


  • Port t/ui/25-developer_mode.t - see #91232#note-5
  • Consider other tricky tests

Open questions to answer

  • What do we gain from switching to Playwright
  • What do we lose (if anything)
  • Do we see a benefit with tricky tests
  • Do we see a benefit with tests which are stable that are stable already
  • How does debugging compare to Selenium-based tests

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  • Related to action #91659: Add Playwright to devel:languages:perl added

#4 Updated by mkittler 3 months ago

Considering that t/ui/25-developer_mode.t is mainly focusing on testing JavaScript code and most of the backend is mocked it would be indeed a good candidate to try out Playwright.

Maybe there's also something to gain in terms of performance so it would also be interesting to compare the execution time of the tests afterwards. Note that our current tests are already taking effort to disable animations of bootstrap and jQuery. Even if Playwright can handle them better we might still want to turn them off for performance reasons.

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