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We were told that we need to apply the most recent firmware on machines which might help with some problems

I upgraded qa-power8-4 to the newest firmware version available at Fix-Central. The machine is according to /proc/cpuid a 8348-21C-machine. I Flashed the hpm package according to the docs (See section 7.2). Afterwards I boot up the system again just to see:

5.83228|System shutting down with error status 0x90FF0003

Several resets of the system and BMC I don't see any message anymore. The webinterface reports errors with the "sensors" "OCC Active", "Boot Count" and "BIOS Golden Side".

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Updated by nicksinger over 3 years ago

hpm check indicates that the BIOS seems to be untouched? (even though the previous "hpm upgrade" told me it updates it).

workstation ~ ยป ipmitool -I lanplus -C 3 -H -U ADMIN -P admin hpm check ~/Downloads/8348_820.1923.20190613n_update.hpm

PICMG HPM.1 Upgrade Agent 1.0.9: 

Validating firmware image integrity...OK
Performing preparation stage...OK

Comparing Target & Image File version
|ID  | Name        |                     Versions                        |
|    |             |     Active      |     Backup      |      File       |
|*^ 2|BIOS         |   1.12 60000000 | ---.-- -------- |   1.12 96000000 |
|*  0|BOOT         |   2.16 51220300 | ---.-- -------- |   2.16 51220300 |
|*  1|APP          |   2.16 51220300 | ---.-- -------- |   2.16 51220300 |
(*) Component requires Payload Cold Reset
(^) Indicates component would be upgraded
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Updated by nicksinger over 3 years ago

Flashing the same file resulted into a bootable system. Unfortunately the system still don't seem to find its OS in petitboot (as tracked in I will see if it somehow possible to update petitboot too

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Updated by nicksinger over 3 years ago

I'm building the most recent version of openPOWER ( with power8 support for "habanero" (the codename for the used platform in power8-4) now. This should include the newest available versions for skiboot, skiroot and petitboot ( has a nice overview how the different loaders interact with each other). Also a recommended read in that regard: (how skiboot/skiroot and petitboot are linked)

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Updated by nicksinger over 3 years ago

From "Petitboot System Information" before flashing the new openPOWER firmware:

 System type: 8348-21C
 System id:   684F75A

 Primary platform versions:

BMC current side:
        Device ID: 0x20
        Device Rev: 0x1
        Firmware version: 2.16.5bff0000
        IPMI version: 2

 BMC golden side:
        Device ID: 0x20
        Device Rev: 0x1
        Firmware version: 2.08.d4470100
        IPMI version: 2

 Storage devices
  UUID:       f5de0a79-bfa8-41c9-ba86-c0d2df739acc
  mounted at: /var/petitboot/mnt/dev/sda1

  UUID:       eebe647f-e867-416e-a0fa-7a6732bfcf9d
  mounted at: /var/petitboot/mnt/dev/sdb2

 Management (BMC) interface
  MAC:  a0:42:3f:32:b4:71
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Updated by nicksinger over 3 years ago

hrm, flashing the openPOWER firmware with pflash did not succeed as the kernel reports an IO issue as soon as you try to erase the old stuff

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Updated by nicksinger over 3 years ago

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I've sent out a mail onto the openpower mailinglist asking for help. You can see a message of what I wrote on It waits for moderators approval now.

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Updated by okurz over 3 years ago

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Updated by nicksinger over 3 years ago

I got quite a few answers from the list. Unfortunately none of them really worked for me. The best Idea I got from it was to use the bmc system (you can ssh onto it) to flash the firmware. Unfortunately it is some old arm (ARM926EJ-S rev 5 (v5l)) with an ancient glibc ( and I was absolutely not able to get the pflash utility (cross-)compiled for it. Somebody in the mail thread offered me a binary download in an attachment which is a little bit too shady for me to execute.

So I'm out of ideas here. Anybody else has an idea how we could get a running version for pflash on that old system?
The code to compile pflash can be found here:

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Updated by okurz about 3 years ago

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  • Status changed from Feedback to Rejected

As discussed with nsinger we are not aware of further problems after we fixed the boot problems software side in #68053 so we can also close this ticket as rejected as we did not conduct the firmware upgrades.


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