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Requirements for access to the openqa VM

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Infra asked us to provide a list of users and required commands to provide us access to the VM.
I think is too broad for access. Therefore we need to define a list of users manually for now:

  1. Andrii Nikitin
  2. Christian Dywan
  3. Ivan Lausuch
  4. Jan Baier
  5. Marius Kittler
  6. Nick Singer
  7. Oliver Kurz
  8. Ondřej Súkup
  9. Sebastian Riedel
  10. Tina Müller
  11. Vasileios Anastasiadis
  12. Liu Xiaojing
  13. Stephan Kulow

(I took this list from our room, did I forget anybody?)
For now I see a need for the following commands:

  • Force power off VM
  • Force reset VM
  • Start VM
  • Spice (serial access)


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Also see

your proposal sounds good.

#2 Updated by okurz 6 months ago

  • Due date set to 2021-02-02

#3 Updated by cdywan 6 months ago

I guess this is still blocking on the Jira ticket as of 2020-01-19? Should the status be set accordingly?

#4 Updated by nicksinger 6 months ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Blocked

#5 Updated by okurz 6 months ago

cdywan wrote:

I guess this is still blocking on ...

I assume you mean "blocked by"? Or do you mean that this ticket "blocks" the jira ticket? I have the suspicion that someone ran into a deadlock and someone from SUSE-IT is waiting for us to provide something ...

#6 Updated by okurz 5 months ago

  • Due date deleted (2021-02-02)
  • Priority changed from High to Low

As the ticket is blocked already by the jira ticket I removed the due-date and commented on the jira-ticket what timeframe to expect for progress.

#7 Updated by okurz 3 months ago

  • Status changed from Blocked to Resolved

The Jira ticket is not resolved but we have provided all necessary information and multiple comments in Jira. As we ourselves don't expect more and can live with the current situation well enough anyway we can set this ticket to "Resolved".

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