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[qem] Testing of packages in different codestreams but in one incident

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The problem

Initial info from S:M:229219 and additional information from Manuel Schnitzer:

@QAM please keep in mind that this update contains two systemd packages
for SUSE:SLE-12-SP2:Update and SUSE:SLE-12-SP5:Update.

We never had this case before where we had different codestreams for the same
package in one incident. We agreed with Vit to try out if it works out, but we
expect that tools might fail during testing. In that case I would like to kindly
ask you to document as soon as you run into issues while testing this update.
(Maybe in the test report or on a confluence page?) It needs to be somehow clear
what the actual issues were so that we can make plan how to tackle them in future.

We want to ship only one single patch to customers for one specific bug and
not multiple, just because we have this setup of codestreams. Customers
should be able to reliable rely on one patch id for one specific
problem. This issue was brought up by Adrian Schroeder in one of our
recent workshops.

The solution

As it turned out, the only issues there are probably just inside

  1. template generator

    2020/11/02 19:14:16 E SUSE:Maintenance:16890:229219 QAM.TeReGen.Input.OBS: Inconsistent submission for libsystemd0: 228-150.92.1 vs 228-157.18.1

  2. mtui

    I talked to Ednilson before and discussed this case with him. From what he told me, mtui reported installation issues, but he verified it manually.


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great. Thank you for visualizing your work.

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