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Needles are not pushed from o3 to github repo

Added by ggardet_arm 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Quite often, new needles are created on o3 from webui, but the update is not pushed to github repo and we need to push them manually whereas there is no conflict.
This is a problem, mainly on remote workers which just update from github repo and do not use the NFS share.


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The last save_needles task on the Minion dashboard is from 2 months ago and newer save_needles tasks look good:

There are even recent commits on GitHub by you pushed via the web UI. e.g.:

So what is this ticket about? Since my guesswork didn't help, can you provide some more information?

#4 Updated by ggardet_arm 8 months ago

The new needle is saved on o3 disk, with a commit message (seen with git log), but the changes are not pushed to github repo, so local repo is ahead, compared to github repo.

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[11:23] Martchus: as an example, this morning, the latest needles omn github were three days old; There was no issue to 'git push' though as geekotest (10 commits pushed); but it should happen automatically
[11:24] Martchus: DimStar was faster than me ;)
[11:24] When one creates a needle via the web UI it is supposed to be pushed automatically (unless configured otherwise).
[11:25] that's our expectation too - yet, the needles were in the master branch on the git clone on ariel, but it was never pushed to github
[11:26] Oh, seems like the config is screwed up, the [scm git] section header was commented out. Likely I screwed that up when updating to Leap 15.2. (I actually cared about migrating configuration changes.)
[11:27] I enabled it again and restarted gru. That should do it.

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According to the Minion job a needle has just been saved:

    "propose_restart" => 1,
    "success" => "Needle rstudio_desktop-help-menu-20201130 created/updated"
  "retried" => undef,
  "retries" => 0,
  "started" => "2020-11-30T14:31:34.46903Z",
  "state" => "finished",

It is already on GitHub ( so I assume this worked.

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