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openQA Project - coordination #64746: [saga][epic] Scale up: Efficient handling of large storage to be able to run current tests efficiently but keep big archives of old results

openQA Project - coordination #80546: [epic] Scale up: Enable to store more results

[easy] Extend OSD storage space for "results" to make bug investigation and failure archeology easier

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More and more products are tested and more and more tests are running on OSD which increases the results we need to store per time period. This in turn means that we need to restrict the time duration for which we can save results. This makes it harder to investigate product bugs which have been reported based on openQA test results as well as test failures. As the new department QE was formed the two biggest user groups of OSD are now joint in one department which can make some decisions easier. It is a good opportunity to let QE management coordinate an increase of storage space for "results" with EngInfra.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: Significant increase of storage space for "results" on OSD
  • AC2: Job group result retention periods have been increased to make efficient use of the available storage space
  • AC3: "results" on OSD has still enough headroom, e.g. only used up to 80-85%


  • Suggest the proposal to QE mgmt
  • Ask QE mgmt to create EngInfra ticket with according "budget allocation" or at least something like a "yes, we need it to run the business" :)
  • If not happening create the EngInfra ticket on your own and ask QE mgmt to support after the fact

Further details

In mid of 2020 EngInfra was so kind to provide us a comparably big increase of storage space for "assets", which is "cheap+slow" rotating disk storage so it was cheaper and hence easier for them to just give us the space (someone could have come to that conclusion earlier), but "results" is on "expensive+fast" SSD backed storage so likely not that easy to convince but still likely cheaper to buy more enterprise SSD storage for 10x the consumer prices than making people busy rerunning tests in openQA or manually just to collect logs or find out what errors are about.

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