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Phase out Gru tables and other no longer needed Gru abstractions

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Everything provided by the Gru tables is now provided by Minion itself and it would make sense to add further features if required directly to Minion in the future. That means we could get rid of a lots related code. The Gru plugin lib/OpenQA/Shared/Plugin/ would only be a place for helper functions like enqueue_download_jobs.

further notes

  • A mapping of Minion jobs to openQA jobs is still required so the GruDependencies table would become MinionDependencies and would map openQA job IDs directly to Minion job IDs.
  • This change affects a lot of places (e.g. the scheduler) and the involved database migration would not be backwards compatible. Maybe the change can be splitted into smaller ones at least to some degree.

Related issues

Related to openQA Project - action #75073: finalize_job_results minion task fails because 'Job xxx does not exist.'Resolved2020-10-22


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  • Related to action #75073: finalize_job_results minion task fails because 'Job xxx does not exist.' added

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As you stated: "The phase-out isn't very important. So far there's only one use-case which is blocked (related ticket) and since these failed Minion jobs are very rare the use-case isn't very important."

I wouldn't consider #75073 completely blocked though as #75073 is basically about "don't alarm about it". Maybe you already solve it with your PR and if not we can at least filter out these specific minion jobs in our monitoring.

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