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openqa-review fails to reference bugs from soft-fail references

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reports on should reference bugs or tickets in the soft-fail references but they don't . This happened in the past and was fixed e.g. with but should be checked again.


QA SLE Project Manager and release manager review the report often or on a daily basis and want to see the bug references linked to soft fail cases. The issue was originally reported by mawerner that "the report is missing soft fail references", i.e. at least a significant amount

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: Reports from osd and o3 include bug references for all soft fail references (i.e. linked to record_soft_failure calls as well as soft-fail needles)


  • Maybe also shows some errors
  • Call openqa-review locally with according parameters to include soft fails and parse bugrefs and maybe -vvvv to show more logging output and reproduce the problem
  • Check if this affects all soft fail references or only some
  • Fix the problem :)


Follow the links to the openQA jobs directly and read out the soft fail references from there, e.g. bugzilla links


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Reproduced with a small set with

python openqa_review/ --host -vvvv -n -r -T --query-issue-status --no-empty-sections --include-softfails --running-threshold=2 -J --arch aarch64

log messages:

DEBUG:openqa_review/ /tests/4796197
DEBUG:openqa_review/ older openQA, before
DEBUG:openqa_review/ not find soft failed info box, looking for workaround needle in job /tests/4796197
INFO:openqa_review/ find neither soft failed info box nor needle, assuming an old openQA job, skipping.

Obviously we don't have an older openQA installation. This means that "/module_components_ajax" can not be found. has removed that.

We could try with the following change:

     def _get_url_to_softfailed_module(self, job_url):                                                                                                       
         log.debug('job_url %s' % job_url)                                                                                                                   
-        url = job_url + '/module_components_ajax'                                                                                                           
-            test_details_html = self.test_browser.get_soup(url).find(title='Soft Failed')                                                                   
-            if test_details_html is None:  # pragma: no cover                                                                                               
-                log.debug('Found older openQA, before')                                                     
-                url = job_url + '/details_ajax'                                                                                                             
+            details = self.test_browser.get_json('/api/v1/jobs/' + job_url.split('/')[-1] + '/details')                                                     
+            text_data = [j for j in [i for i in details['job']['testresults'] if i['result'] == 'softfailed'][0]['details'] if j['result'] == 'softfail'][0]['text_data']

but "text_data" has text like # Soft Failure:\nbsc#1028774: needle(s) scc-registration,yast2-windowborder-corner,registration-online-repos not found within 100\n and we wanted to parse the clickable URL. I could not understand how to find this data. With the "requests" module we should be able to fully simulate a browser.

mkittler maybe we can look into this together next week?

#6 Updated by mkittler 10 months ago

The "rendered" link which also contains the URL is part of the preview. With curl you can get it like this: curl -H 'X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest' ''

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ok, I will try two things: Add the special request header in the request in openqa-review and try to remove the special redirect in openQA code.

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Actually it's easier. I thought we rely on openQA parsing bug references into full URLs which we parse with openqa-review but this is actually not try, we do that conversion in openqa-review itself. So we only need to parse the failing test module name from "details_ajax" and "fake" an old module URL. Fixed in .

Waiting for verification in the automatic jobs, e.g. tomorrow. Afterwards I can create an update of the package in devel:languages:python as well.

See for the suggestion to simplify openQA code a bit.

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this problem is resolved and we have soft-fails with bugrefs again but openqa-review shows errors in the logs, e.g. in . this is likely related to #52655

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