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Wiki does not show news feed

Added by lrupp over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Description (resp. ) is not showing any news, only:
Failed to load RSS feed from


#1 Updated by lrupp over 1 year ago

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#2 Updated by cboltz over 1 year ago

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That's interesting on multiple levels ;-)

The obvious (and quite easy) part is to allow the wiki RSS extension to follow redirects: $wgRSSUrlNumberOfAllowedRedirects = 2; (default is 0)

I did this manually on en.o.o for now, but it doesn't really help.

The reason for this is:

  • the new news.o.o doesn't provide category feeds anymore
  • old feed addresses get redirected to http://news.o.o/feed.xml (note the http)
  • followed by another redirect to https://news.o.o/feed.xml - but with the http as intermediate step, the RSS extension prefers to stop instead of following the insecure redirect

Stasiek, can you please adjust the redirect on news.o.o so that it redirects to https directly? (After that, I'll adjust the wiki config in salt to allow feed redirects.)

#3 Updated by cboltz over 1 year ago

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After checking again, it turned out that the real problem was that I initially allowed only one redirect, not two ;-)

I just adjusted the config of all wikis to allow two redirects, so the RSS feeds are fixed.

I'll open a separate ticket for the redirects to get rid of the http step.

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