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load_templates or something else creates invalid test suites

Added by dancermak over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I have setup a new openQA test instance on a Leap 15.1 VM to try and reproduce some test failures on o3. However, during the setup, I found that (probably) the load_templates script produced odd test suites. For instance:


for MicroOS-admin instead of the expected:


as it shows up on o3.

This appears to affect all settings of every test suite that was added. The variable names are correct, as are the test names and the descriptions, just the values are wrong.

For reference, I have populated the settings as follows:

/var/lib/openqa/share/tests/opensuse/products/opensuse/templates --host --apikey $APIKEY --apisecret $APISECRET
/usr/share/openqa/script/dump_templates --host > templates.json
/usr/share/openqa/script/load_templates --host localhost --update templates.json


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cdywan could you please check if this is a recent regression?

#2 Updated by tinita over 2 years ago

Reproduced here...

If I call load_templates a second time, it complains with:

Internal Server Error: Unable to create group with existing name openSUSE Tumbleweed s390x

but the ARRAY entries are fixed.

#3 Updated by tinita over 2 years ago

Actually, the template.json already contains the wrong ARRAY values (in the Products entry).

See and search for KDE-Live for example.

But load_templates adds it to all testsuites.

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We traced this back to switching away from the query calls, which affecs how settings are loaded.

A work-around is identified which we can use, see work in progress PR

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#6 Updated by dancermak over 2 years ago

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I have retried my previous steps and the script no longer produces bogus test suites.

Thank you for fixing this!

#7 Updated by okurz over 2 years ago

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Great to see that the issue is fixed for you. We use "Resolved" as the final state according to , better avoid "Closed" :)

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