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Meaningful and understandable products

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We need a good way to group jobs (and thus results) in the dashboards for QA. That's intuitively, different products like "Tumbleweed", "Default SLES12", "SLES12 for s390".

Right now the term "product" is used in openQA just as a mechanism to match isos to job templates. From the official documentation[1]: "a product in openQA is a simple description without any concrete meaning". They are even volatile, i.e. expected to change as the time goes by without any relevant consequence in the already created jobs.

Right now, a product is used to match isos by:

  • distri (relevant also to choose one set of tests/needles or another)
  • version (like "SLE11-SP4" or "SLE12")
  • flavor (like "DVD" or "Rescue CD")
  • arch (like "i586" or "x86_64")


Actions #1

Updated by ancorgs over 8 years ago

While writing the description, it occurred to me that the more straightforward solution is to add a "group" column (just to not reuse the word "product") to the job templates and to the jobs. So every job is created with the current mechanisms and assigned a group in the moment of creation. I don't care if those groups are just labels or real foreign keys with a master table to keep the list of groups/products/youNameIt. That will support the creation of totally arbitrary groups (as arbitrary as our job templates), which seems to fit our case (different criteria to define groups between TW, SLE12, Stagings...).

Actions #2

Updated by coolo over 8 years ago

the problem we're facing is that Staging-DVD is a flavor for opensuse-* and gets meaningful jobs assigned. These jobs then have a version assigned by the rsync script - but you wouldn't expect staging:a to be grouped with staging:b

Ludwig's proposal was to forbid * again and have a UI for copying products, but it feels not really sensible to do that.

While writing this I got an idea: supporting placeholders in group tags. I.e. Staging-DVD and Staging2-DVD tests would end up in staging-%{version} group.

Actions #3

Updated by coolo over 8 years ago

in the discussion we kind of came to the conclusion that we don't want to group media types (the real concept of "Products") but Jobs. The only way to do that is to define a job group within the job templates. This way you can label all sles12 stuff in a different way than the sle11 stuff that you split between s390+ppc, autoyast and rest.

if this will work out is yet to be seen.

Actions #4

Updated by coolo over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

wow, I read comment#1 for the first time carefully as I wanted to close the issue. I had the impression you had the idea within the meeting, but it's documented 15 days ago :)

Anyway: I close the issue - we don't want products anymore. And adds the job group concept. Which (hopefully) reduces the task to smaller subtasks like 6476


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