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[functional][y][SLE-7396][SLE-7634] Automate I/O device pre-configuration - installer part (yast and linuxrc) scenario

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Side note: It seems that we are unable to get all the precise info in a reasonable time and that the implementation should be REALLY simple on our side. Let's do something and ask for feedback. It can hopefully save quite some effort even if we are asked to fix it in next sprint (we'd get info HOW to fix it :)).

At the end, we are probably just asked to call chzdev --import /sys/firmware/sclp_sd/config/data somewhere in Linuxrc and Installer. It's not yet known where exactly, but as this is about I/O autoconfiguration and as the configuration is done in HMC (hardware management console, a laptop connected to the machine), it should be really early in the process.

It seems, that this can also configure network cards, so it should be called even before setting it up. So really early.

And BTW, there is no way to test it at SUSE. Our available machines do not run with DPM mode (whatever it means).

Test case proposal

As we don't have the hardware, here are suggested steps how to simulate the scenario:

  • Start the installation
  • Go til the point where yast.ssh should be entered to start YaST
  • Enter the following commands:
  • /sbin/chzdev dasd 0-ffff --enable
  • /sbin/chzdev zfcp 0-ffff --enable
  • With this command all disc devices are configured. This should preferable done on a system which has only a few devices available.
  • Continue with the installation by entering yast.ssh
  • You can now skip the part where the disks are enabled.

Related issues

Copied from openQA Tests - action #62696: [functional][y][SLE-7396][SLE-7634] I/O device pre-configuration - installer part (yast and linuxrc)Resolved2020-01-272020-02-25


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