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bouncing messages when sent from unknown[2620:113:80c0:8::18]

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can you please fix DNS:

2020-01-02T00:00:10.190836+00:00 vssys002 postfix/smtpd[23654]: warning:
hostname does not resolve to address 2620:113:80c0:8::18
2020-01-02T00:00:10.191211+00:00 vssys002 postfix/smtpd[23654]: connect
from unknown[2620:113:80c0:8::18]
2020-01-02T00:00:10.226956+00:00 vssys002 postfix/smtpd[23654]: NOQUEUE:
reject: RCPT from unknown[2620:113:80c0:8::18]: 550 5.7.25 Client host
rejected: cannot find your hostname, [2620:113:80c0:8::18]; from=<> proto=ESMTP helo=

Thank you


Christian - Sportbekleidung

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#1 Updated by lrupp over 1 year ago

A lot of IPv6 (and even some new IPv4) addresses currently miss their reverse entry.
While we can easily fix forward entries, we have to open tickets for the reverse zone on our own. This is currently very tricky and needs some time to get solved.

But we are non it!

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This is probably somewhat related to the static.o.o outages before christmas, and the DNS changes I did (changing static.o.o to CNAME login2.o.o as a workaround, and later to CNAME proxy.o.o).

I just changed the static.o.o DNS entry to the original IPs - which still have the correct reverse DNS entry, and should fix the mail delivery issues.

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Ticket is resolved since a while. Just forgot to close it here, sorry.

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