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In KDE Plasma from git master (going to be 5.18) is having trouble with receiving click events on desktop icons. We've tracked this down to the fact that there is no delay between the testapi moving the mouse to the click coordinates and the actual click getting performed. This can lead to no item being considered selected/hovered and nothing happening.
I've talked to one of the Plasma devs and we kinda concluded that this is a defect with testapi as this isn't really reflective how a user would interact with the UI.

Thankfully this is indeed easy to resolve by simply adding a sleep() after mouse_set() in click_lastmatch()


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The API already has separate functions like "mouse_set", "mouse_click" and also "click_lastmatch" next to the more standard "assert_and_click" so I think all that is necessary is already there. One can e.g. move the mouse, sleep the required time and then click on the current coordinates when this is required. What else would be needed?

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