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Add monitoring for Minion job queue on every worker

Added by kraih 3 months ago. Updated 23 days ago.

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We already have monitoring for the job queue on the webui side. On the worker side we have the exact same job queue, but without the monitoring. Since a telegraf instance runs on every worker already, it should be pretty easy to duplicate the /admin/influxdb/minion route to the Cache Service HTTP server. We just might have to activate preforking to make sure the service is always responsive, but that's not a problem either since the latest refactoring.


#1 Updated by kraih 3 months ago

So, the goal of this would be to have http://localhost:7844/influxdb/minion available on every worker. And it would provide the exact same information as /admin/influxdb/minion on the webui.

#2 Updated by kraih 3 months ago

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#3 Updated by kraih 3 months ago

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Patch has been merged. Now it just needs to be deployed and telegraf can start collecting data.

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