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status favicon for job details shows "scheduled" instead of running on firefox

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the favicon for "job running" is the same as "job scheduled" for me on my local firefox but with chrome/chromium it looks fine. something seems to be messed up with my cache. I deleted the local favicon sqlite database of firefox as well as manually remove the favicon using the sqlite client but also checked on a different computer. It seems that chrome/chromium load the png fine and firefox reads svg bug is delivered the wrong svg by openQA.
what does show you? for me even in chromium it shows me the color of scheduled, dark blue. should be dark red cross. but shows the correct light blue for running (mkittler) logo-incomplete-16.png has the wrong color here, too. (okurz) but if you check the file in the git repo it should be fine. Somehow I am confused by these cached assets.
(mkittler) It is also confusing that it renders a different icon for the different sizes (png vs svg):

      <link rel="icon" href="/asset/f630e03ca4/logo-running-16.png" sizes="16x16" type="image/png">
      <link rel="icon" href="/asset/9a221844fe/logo-scheduled.svg" sizes="any" type="image/svg+xml">

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I think I've got it. It is just a typo in the asset definitions. I'll create a PR.

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