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Use human readable sizes in Cache Service logs

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Nov 27 16:08:36 openqaworker11 openqa-workercache[32263]: [2019-11-27 16:08:36.91003] [32313] [info] [#68] Cache size of "/var/lib/openqa/cache" is 2858341888, with limit 6442450944

Showing just the number of bytes in Cache Service log messages is not particularly helpful when we are almost always dealing with gigabytes. And we appear to already have a helper function for this in OpenQA::Utils.


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PR was merged. I assume you do not plan more work regarding this.

I can confirm it working fine, e.g. from w1.o.o:

Dec 12 03:34:47 openqaworker1 openqa-workercache[2692]: [2019-12-12 03:34:47.36382] [2692] [info] Cache size of "/var/lib/openqa/cache" is 49GiB, with limit 50GiB


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