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Enable OpenQA preforking

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Now here is one wild idea. OpenQA is currently build upon Mojolicious::Commands server (single process, single thread Mojo::Server::Daemon), but Mojolicious has also a build-in preforking server (Mojo::Server::Prefork through Hypnotoad). What about to fix our sometimes blocking code by using more processes?

This will require (at least) to move WebSocket service to standalone server (now I understand why The Internet do that) since I currently lazily use global variable for workerid-connection mapping. But this should not be a biggie apart creating new IPC between OpenQA and OpenQA-WSServer.


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Some improvements to be made are custom dbus session and morbo support. Also, currently the whole stack is started by lib/, it may come handy to delegate this responsibility to someone more responsible (i.e. systemd), and maybe enable autostart (for scheduler by DBus service, for websockets by dbus service and incomming ws request, for webapi by incomming http request).

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