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[functional][y] cross-arch remote installation

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from #opensuse-factory:

[29/05/2019 14:05:05] <maxlin> is it possible we have vnc and ssh installation test over different archs?
[29/05/2019 14:05:39] <DimStar> that would be fun indeed - there used to be an issue with VNC server on BE, and client on LE systems
[29/05/2019 14:05:41] <riafarov> maxlin: the problem is that we don't have MM workers on other architectures
[29/05/2019 14:06:21] <maxlin> riafarov: i see
[29/05/2019 14:07:28] <riafarov> maxlin: in general we could have started remote installation on the VM and connect over another VNC from openQA, but that's not supported
[29/05/2019 14:07:44] <riafarov> maxlin: that would simplify many things and spare computing power
[29/05/2019 14:08:35] <maxlin> DimStar: yes, I remember we had a bug regard to installation over ssh on different archs when developing 15 GM
[29/05/2019 14:09:14] <maxlin> riafarov: understood
[29/05/2019 14:21:27] <okurz> riafarov: it's a nice idea indeed and I think we should try that out on osd first because we have cross-arch dependencies now since recently and IIRC we have multi-machine workers for non-x86_64 there

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: At least one remote installation using two differing architectures for the controlling node and the target node on either o3 or osd


As AFAIK the BE (big-endianness) archs that we have in support is openSUSE Tumbleweed/Leap on ppc64 (not ppc64le) or s390x so the most useful combination would be one of these for target/controller and a LE (little-endianness) controller/target


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