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invis-Server should be compatile with Btrfs.

Added by flacco about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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First testinstallation with Btrfs on the Root-Volume shows that it was impossible to boot the server after setup with sine2.

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Updated by flacco about 5 years ago

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Booting from Btrfs Root-filesystems needs the directive SUSE_BTRFS_SNAPSHOT_BOOTING="true" in /etc/default/grub.

sine2 now checks the FS of the root-volume an uses a grub-config in dependency of the used FS.

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Updated by ingogoeppert about 5 years ago

My experience with BTFS in tumbleweed in the last years:

Pro: Snapshots are taken automatically on every installation via zypper. That's very useful.

Con (or show stopper?): There is a (some call it) experimental feature active, the quotas. At the moment when BTRFS recalculates them, the system is unusable. The bug is still not fixed The workaround for me was to disable quotas. What on the first boot every month happens is a maintenance task. While this task runs (a cron job), the system is nearly unusable at full disk activity. But this takes only a minute - no real problem for my desktop system with only one SSD. But for a server? With HDDs?

Before we switch to BTRFS as default I think we should run it on a real hardware and let it run for more than a month with some updates (= some snapshots = quota calculation runs slower).

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Updated by flacco almost 5 years ago

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Done. Further testing in the real world...


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