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[functional][y] Test Suite for separate /home is running on sle12 s390x though it is impossible to make separate /home there

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Category:Enhancement to existing tests
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Currently, create_hdd_minimal_base+sdk_withhome Test Suite is running on s390x architecture on sle12 (e.g. This Test Suite assumes, that the separate /home partition will be created during installation.

Though, there is no option for making separate /home on s390x on sle12.


  1. Identify if the Test Suite really need to be run on s390x (e.g. it verifies something special, that other Test Suites do not verify);
  2. Remove s390x from the list of architectures in "Operators Menu > Job Groups > Sle 12: Functional (Server)";
  3. (Optional) Depending on investigations from #1, if the Test Suite still need to be executed on s390x, it should be extracted and renamed to reflect the reality (e.g. to create_hdd_minimal_base+sdk ).


#1 Updated by riafarov 12 months ago

  • Target version set to future

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