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Export lizards-o-o database and send out contents to writers

Added by hellcp over 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Considering that lizards-o-o has been dead for a while (with exception
of YaST guys, but I will work that out with them seperately), it would
be nice to export database and send out the articles written by users
back to them. We should offer planet-o-o as a replacement instead.

I can handle reaching out with packaged posts to respective users, I
would just need exported wordpress database to extract their posts :P

After that lizards-o-o could be safely closed down.

LCP [Stasiek]


#1 Updated by cboltz over 3 years ago

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The wordpress backend has an export tool which gives me a 13 MB XML file, and another export option for media (which gives me a 2.7 MB XML file which seems to include links to the uploaded pictures). These files seem to be intended for re-importing them in another wordpress instance.

Would that also work for you?

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#3 Updated by hellcp over 3 years ago

If it outputs for all the users, it's perfect

#4 Updated by cboltz over 3 years ago

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I just made you an admin on lizards.o.o so that you can get that export yourself ;-)

Please login, and then go to

#5 Updated by hellcp over 3 years ago

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Alright, I went ahead and exported everything, and sent to everybody that had still valid email address, and sent email to project mailing list regarding the rest of the people that require contacting. Just to repeat, the full list is:

  • aorlovskyy
  • gogga
  • hobbsc
  • idulk
  • kdupuy9
  • michl19
  • nikanth
  • rhorstkoetter
  • sjayaraman
  • UngaMan
  • holden87
  • visnov
  • MarcusMoeller
  • sfalken

The rest has been contacted and notified about closing of the lizards, but I suspect that we will not be able to contact everybody anyway.

From here, the tasks left are to:

#6 Updated by hellcp over 2 years ago

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We have a very old dump of the wgot contents of lizards.o.o on, and it would be good to update that instead of reinventing anything. This was previously done by mcaj, if you don't mind, I will assign doing this for the current state to you.

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This is now done, everything is in the repo and the contents of respective blogs is sent out to the writers

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