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Update the webIU to control os-autoinst

Added by aplanas about 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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The new os-autoinst signaling system need to be managed from the webUI via named pipe. Create the UI buttons and implement the client side of the JSONRPC protocol


#1 Updated by aplanas about 10 years ago

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#2 Updated by ancorgs about 10 years ago

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I spent a lot of time trying to make some javascript json-rpc client play nicely with our API. I finally give up and wrote a rpc proxy server side, so javascript asks the server (via AJAX) to do the real json-rpc call and to pass the result back to the browser. It should be very easy to remove that proxy and use a real javascript json-rpc in the near future, as the proxy is rather dumb.

Buttons for set_interactive, continue and step_waitforneedle are already working (not committed yet).

"Only" the needles editor is missing.

#3 Updated by ancorgs about 10 years ago

I pushed the new interface today and also some changes to os-autoinst itself. A new line in apache2 configuration is needed (also pushed to the template /etc, of course). I'm having a lot of problems executing os-autoinst in my system, so I cannot verify that the new interface is running smoothly in every case, but I wanted to push it in order to get feedback. It's not worse than the one we already had.

Some improvements are still needed.

I also fixed some minor issues in the needles editor by coolo request.

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#5 Updated by ancorgs almost 10 years ago

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Updated to use the new jsonrpc centralized API instead of messaging the workers directly.

As the new API follows a new approach with the possibility of queuing/dequeuing commands, I spent some hours implementing a new interface for managing this queue in a very flexible way, but it ended being confusing and not really useful. So I dropped most of the work and implemented an improved version of the already existing good old approach.

#6 Updated by aplanas almost 10 years ago

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