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openQA, designed and implemented by Bernhard M. Wiedermann, is a set of utilities designed to test operative systems in an fully automated way. Actually, openQA is consist of two different modules that work together:

There is a third module (os-autoins-needle)[[]] that complement the first one, and store the needles used to run the test from os-autoinst.

The first module implement the core functionality (mainly related with the virtual machine management and communication, and the basic API for tests) and the second one implement the web user interface and the distributed architecture for the system.

This version of openQA is actually in production in the internal servers in SUSE and can be found on


  • To get started read the TUTORIAL in the os-autoinst project
  • If you're not using the packages basic installation instruction of os-autoinst you can read the INSTALL file. For more specific details check the doc directory.
  • Same for openQA (webUI). Check the README

Project Execution

openQA was partially rewritten by the openSUSE Team during the first half of 2013. To check the full project you can consult the Gantt view and the End of Sprint Report.

The rest of the documentation, including some project meeting minutes can be found on the wiki tree index of the project

Other documentation:

The original openQA and the one developed by the openSUSE Team are merging in openQA V2.

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