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Evaluation: EGroupware

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invis-Servers use Kopano as their primary groupware system. Earlier versions of the invis server also included group-e. Group-es focus differs completely from Kopano. Features like project-management or time-tracking turned Group-e from a simple groupware to a tool which has the possibility to manage a lot of business workflows. After the group-e maintainers stopped the group-e developement, I was looking for an alternate system. The first idea was to include Tine20, but it was to complex.

In the very early days of invis-server they included EGroupware but I kicked it in favor of group-e. Now EGroupware did giant steps forward. We should evaluate if it is possible to integrate EGroupware as an alternative to Kopano for customers which want to manage their whole business with an extended groupware system.


  1. Is it possible to combine EGroupware with ActiveDirectory based user-management?
  2. Is it possible to automate EGroupwares setup and configuration?
  3. Can EGroupware fit the needs of our target group or is it much to complex?

A possible implementation of EGroupware will not change the Role of Kopano as our preferred groupware system.

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First answers, after a conversation with Ralf Becker from Egroupware:

  • EGroupware can be combined with ActiveDirectory for User-Authentificaten and Groupmembership. They don't use a own AD-Schema. Using Group-based filtering to grant or deny User-Access isn't implemented yet. ...but this shoud be easy to realize.
  • EGroupware is designed to run inside a Docker-Container. A bare-metall installation is possible but difficult. Using Docker should make an automated installation very easy.
  • We get support for Egroupware implematation inside invis-Server directly by Egroupware

EGroupware uses a commercial subscription modell, a functional limited community edition exists.

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