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Create diagram of openQA architecture

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We already have a diagram about the architecture but it does not provide much details. Since we need to train new team members anyways this is a good time to finally create a details diagram showing all involved processes/services and their communication in a production-like setup.


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Having one diagram listing all will be very hard to make useful.

This is what I use in my own presentations:

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That is not much more detailed than the diagram I'm aware of (but of course well suited for a presentation).

My first draft goes much more into detail:

I've only quickly drafted that with yed (because I know that tool quite well). Of course the final version should be upstreamed to the openQA project.

#3 Updated by mkittler about 1 year ago

I've been pushing a few adjustments to the first draft so far. There are still question marks, though.

Would it be o.k. to simply add the *.graphml and *.pdf to the openQA repo when its done? Unfortunately there are not a lot of programs out there which support graphml. At least I only know yed and

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Btw, I find that diagram useful even though it is a bit overwhelming at the beginning. It is nice to have a diagram which lists all services/processes and their communication channels (e.g. all involved TCP ports, D-Bus services, ...).

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