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Webui shows one test module but worker starts a different one

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I have two versions of one test module: one in /var/lib/openqa and one in /openqa-share. The latter is an NFS mount and specified as SHARE_DIRECTORY in my workers.ini (attached). The webui displays the one from /openqa-share [0], but a different on is executed [1]. The module in /var/lib/openqa (attached) includes "grep /etc/hosts" while that line is different in the /openqa-share one. I edited the test case in /openqa-share before starting a new run.

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workers.ini (1.07 KB) workers.ini agraul, 2018-11-28 16:16 (1.75 KB) test module from /var/lib/openqa agraul, 2018-11-28 16:21
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Updated by mkittler over 5 years ago

Right observation. In fact, the web UI always shows the test code as it is available right now under $OPENQA_BASEDIR/openqa/share/tests. So the web UI also shows different code compared to what was actually executed in the case when the test code has been updated since the test was executed.

Since the worker and the web UI might not run on the same machine we can't simply use the path from the workers.ini to fix your use case. I suppose the worker would need to upload the test code like other artifacts to implement this.

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Updated by agraul over 5 years ago

But shouldn't the test in SHARE_DIRECTORY be executed when that is defined in workers.ini? In my case the test from SHARE_DIRECTORY is shown in the webui, but a different one is executed (the one in /var/lib/openqa). I edited the one in /var/lib/openqa and had another run:

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