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merge the two osd salt git repos

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I think separating states and pillars is not very common. Probably should be our reference. Also, maybe the repo should not really be about "salt" but more about the overall configuration so inviting for more, deployment CI job definitions, docu, etc.

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Related to openQA Project - coordination #43934: [epic] Manage o3 infrastructure with salt againBlockedokurz2021-03-16

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Updated by nicksinger about 5 years ago

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I'm in general not sure how to handle this.
I'd like to manage "the whole infrastructure" in one repo indeed but always symlinking stuff around in systems can also cause unexpected problems and more confusion…
If you like we can one day talk about this over a coffee.

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Updated by coolo almost 5 years ago

btw: the original motivation behind the split was to be able to have states published for all openqa instances to use and pillars to be osd specific. But I don't think that turned out to be true

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According to this repo uses symlinks to create /srv/pillar and /srv/salt . It would be nice to have other instances, namely o3, covered by the same salt repo as well which IMHO is more important to get right then this ticket so let's block by that one

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Updated by okurz almost 4 years ago

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We have more and more progress regarding #43934 so by now I think it's a good idea that the repos are separate.


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