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Setup 15.1 release notes

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A branch for new distribution needs to be created in the release notes git and the package adjusted accordingly.

The tokens for obs are on the factoryauto bot in packagelists

source of obs service for reference

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Stefan, can you take care of this please? Availability of release notes is required for openQA too.

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I copied the 15.0 directory on to 15.1 for now to unblock openQA

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Should be taken care of now. We have:

  • Leap_15.1 branch
  • Weblate setup
  • Documentation:Auto package + Obs token setup
  • updated RN config file on gate.o.o server [there is an SSL issue with Git because of old packages; I worked around for the moment but need to tell Theo or so]
  • initial distro package via sr#619826

Missing anything?

If not, let's see if it all works and close.

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Setting resolved (distro package is still in review, everything else seems to work). An oh, Git issue reported at

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