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SDB layout change

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Not sure where to report this, but:

since the recent SDB layout change table content is no longer wrapped but
cut off on the right side (both firefox & chrome) in

How to fix this?


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I assume the problem is more visible with a smaller browser window. Then I see that the example blocks in the top section look fine, the ones under "You will probably never need any parameter except install. But in case you do, here is the complete list." shows the mentioned problem but the table further below under "Special parameters for S/390 and zSeries" looks fine again. Have not yet understood what is the difference there but I suggest you experiment with the wiki editor yourself to find out the differences. Seems it can work in general but is a problem specific to the one table. ok?

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A good subject should quickly and uniquely identify a bug report. This report's subjectis useless. Its deficiency resulted in a duplication at and may be the reason why it hasn't been addressed by anyone capable of fixing it as yet.

#4 Updated by cboltz about 3 years ago

Steffen, can you please re-check if you still see this problem?

I deployed an updated wiki skin yesterday, and can no longer reproduce the "cut off" table :-)

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From my point of view it looks fixed. snwint, please state if you see it different

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Looks ok now; thanks!

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