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[sle][functional][y][medium] Extend test coverage using all-packages medium

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With #25452 we have the all-packages medium introduced with SLE15 covered in openQA tests with a "happy-path" test. We should think about extending the existing tests to cover more supported/unknown/unsupported scenarios.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: The supported/unsupported scenarios are known
  • AC2: We know which scenarios we cover by manual tests/automatic tests/no tests


  • Experiment with possible scenarios
  • Clarify observations with PM/RM/yast, e.g. in bugreports about clarification
  • Add useful, valuable test scenarios to openQA, e.g. if it is just about setting test variables
  • Optional: Create new test requests in new tickets if any useful, not covered but not trivial test scenarios are found

Further details


We already have:
* skip_registration+all-packages-iso

New ones:
* all-packages-iso+registration: PASSED once, could be added to recurring schedule

Related issues

Related to openQA Tests - action #25452: [sle][functional][epic] Test multi-module media Resolved 20/09/2017 25/10/2017


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$ openqa_clone_job_osd 1404016 GROUP=0 TEST=okurz_all-packages-iso+registration SCC_REGISTER=installation
Created job #1420253: sle-15-Installer-DVD-x86
64-Build422.1-skip_registration+all-packages-iso@64bit ->

This job passed the corresponding testing steps and showed in a nice yast feature: Both repos are there, offline+online but the all-packages-iso ones are automatically disabled

Right now I could not think of any more interesting scenarios. When anyone has a cool idea please comment here.

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  • Related to action #25452: [sle][functional][epic] Test multi-module media added

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  • Subject changed from [sle][functional][medium]Extend test coverage using all-packages medium to [sle][functional][y][medium] Extend test coverage using all-packages medium
  • Target version changed from Milestone 16 to future

M16 is too ambitious and no one came up with cool ideas. Let's postpone any planning until we have further ideas/motivation.

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  • Target version changed from future to future

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