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Fix/improve comments in OBS

Added by ancorgs about 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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As can be seen in the example comment at href of links is not properly computed when the instance is hosted in https.

Since we need to fix that, it will also be a good opportunity to tackle this:

  <ancor> the good part about using our markup (like req#22) is that OBS takes care of proper rendering :-)
  <coolo> ancor: just that "Request req#236245" looks pretty silly
  <ancor> well, we can always improve the markup a little bit to accept "Request#222 on package #Apache submitted by @whoever".
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Updated by ancorgs about 10 years ago

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Updated by coolo about 10 years ago

Much more import atm: still sends one accept comment per package. quite spammy - as accept is always one call per project

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Updated by ancorgs almost 10 years ago

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Everything fixed in the OBS side (coolo fixed the wrong urls a week ago and I have just improved the markup with Time to improve comments in the osc plugin.

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Updated by ancorgs almost 10 years ago

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Fixed accept to write just one comment. Quite some time spent in writing tests (that were missing for accept)

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Updated by ancorgs almost 10 years ago

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Nicer comments for (un)select using the new markup Everything else done (accept comments seems to be working), so closing the issue.


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