Staging projects

  • Description: Use staging projects not to allow packages that are breaking too much to be included till the issues are fixed. For every package that more packages depends on, we will create staging project where obs will try to compile package from request and will show what will fail to build after the inclusion. Maintainer than can fix these packages and send requests for these fixes as well, so after accepting all these requests together, we will have no additional build failure in factory.
    • Input:
    • implement osc plugin
    • change policies to make sure it is used
    • adjust OBS
    • integrate with openQA
    • Output:
    • plugin and workflow with staging projects included
  • Justification:
    • If we can spot breakage even before package gets into Factory and we accept it only if it seems ok we will have less troubles keeping Factory version running
    • Currently coolo creates staging project by hand for packages that are known to break too much. If we automate is and use it for most non-leaf packages we will have less troubles with broken Factory

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