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coordination #151816: [epic] Handle openQA fixes and job group setup

Update a few migration testsuites' hdd_1 setting to use their own support images

Added by zoecao 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Motivation :
Yam Support Images job group generates all the images for every migration testsuites, so the migration testsuites are supposed to use their own images. Some migration testsuites are not using their own images, so need to update these testsuites hdd_1 setting.
The migration testsuites list that need to update the hdd_1 setting:
migration daily job group:

  • offline_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-lp-contm-lgm-tsm-pcm-wsm_all_full
  • offline_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk-dev-lp_all_full
  • online_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk-dev_all_full_zypp
  • online_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk-dev-lp_all_full_y

Acceptance criteria :
AC1: Find out the testsuite from [Yam Support Images] which is to publish support image for above listed cases
AC2: Update the hdd_1 setting for the above listed cases

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I will submit MR for this ticket as soon as this [MR] is merged, because the migration CI folder would change.

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Clone jobs with the right images before submitting MR:

  • offline_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-lp-contm-lgm-tsm-pcm-wsm_all_full (
  • offline_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk-dev-lp_all_full (Not found in yam support images)
  • online_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk-dev_all_full_zypp (
  • online_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk-dev-lp_all_full_y (Not found in yam support images)

I will double check the matrix for the two that not found in support images group, then correct the migration testsuites or add testsuites of generating images to yam support images job group.

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Updated by zoecao 3 months ago

According to the 15SP6 migration matrix, need to make an update as below:
s/offline_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk- dev -lp_all_full/offline_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk- we -lp_all_full

s/online_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk- dev -lp_all_full_y/online_sles15sp5_pscc_basesys-srv-python3-desk- we -lp_all_full_y

So MR for this ticket:

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