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query status of bugs referenced as soft fails (asynchronously)

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followup to #14310

User story

As a reviewer of tests with soft fails I want to show me status/assignee/priority of bugs shown in the softfail text thumbnails to get a direct indication without needing to check the bugtracker myself

acceptance criteria

  • AC1: The soft failure with reference to a bug shows status/assignee/priority of the bug(s)
  • AC2: No SUSE specific configuration is hardcoded in openQA source


  • compare to how openqa-review does it with the '--query-issue-status' option
  • find a way to query the SUSE bugzilla tracker without hardcoding that into openQA as it's not relevant if a user of openQA is not using bugzilla (or at least not our bugzilla URL)

further details

example of the soft failure report windows:

Related issues

Follows openQA Project - action #14310: render links in thumbnail text windows, e.g. bug links in... Resolved 19/10/2016


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