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coordination #58184: [saga][epic][use case] full version control awareness within openQA

coordination #48641: [epic] Trigger openQA tests in pull requests of any product github pull request

coordination #130850: [epic] Use openqa-clone-custom-git-refspec to parse github description+comments and trigger openQA tests as part of CI

Trigger openQA tests mentioned in github description as part of CI size:M

Added by okurz 10 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Now we have a CI integration of openQA and pull requests on github can trigger openQA jobs and feed back the result. A challenge for big test matrices is to select which openQA jobs to execute. openqa-clone-custom-git-refspec for years can parse github description (and comments?) for openQA jobs to clone. That can now be integrated together to … be awesome

A comment like this or another format can be used in PR descriptions or commits to clone a job:

@openqa: Clone my/test/job/url

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: openQA CI integration in any existing test distribution github project automatically runs openQA tests based on links to existing openQA jobs in the github description
  • AC2: openQA documentation explains how the CI integration in new test distribution github projects can be setup to run as in AC1


  • Read what was done originally in #63712 and the according pull request to openQA
  • Try out openqa-clone-custom-git-ref with special comments
  • Follow what the script does, not necessarily need to use it but re-implement or whatever
  • Document this feature somewhere
  • If you come up with something that works in a github workflow but becomes too big consider creating a github action repository or create an additional feature in our existing scripting

Out of scope

  • Optional: Passing job customization with test parameter passing
  • Optional: Parsing github comments (only the description)
  • Optional: Triggering new jobs on updates to the github description
  • Optional: Make it work for internal openQA instances
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Our backlog is full with more urgent tasks.

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So far this only allows one test per PR which I'm going to improve if you like the approach in general.

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  • Due date set to 2024-03-06

Setting due date based on mean cycle time of SUSE QE Tools

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PR for implementing this via a GitHub action:

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Waiting for feedback on the openSUSE distri change.

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The PR has been merged and it works:

There's some final tweak regarding variables yet to be merged:

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Now with everything merged it still works and URLs show up in logs correctly, e.g.:

Cloned '' into:
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The documentation PR has been merged as well. So all ACs are fulfilled. I've also just used it on another PR: - So I guess this is indeed kind of useful. I closed

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