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Broken matrix bridge

Added by krop about 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

IRC and Matrix
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Hello admins,

I tried setting up a matrix client during the weekend. It looks like the IRC
to matrix bridge is broken.

e.g: messages sent on #opensuse-factory (IRC) are missing on

screenshot attached



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Updated by krop about 1 year ago

Looks better now for the factory channel, others such as are broken, messages sent from irc are not visible on matrix. The last message in the backlog is from february.

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Updated by hellcp about 1 year ago

We don't run that bridge, you are probably better off contacting libera about this.

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Updated by luc14n0 about 1 year ago

Probably related to this issue:

The bottom line of that issue seems to be that the IRC <-> Matrix bridge was patched to address the message dropping issue where some (many) messages weren't crossing the bridge. They deployed the patch about a month ago, but as many can see, it issue is alive and kicking!

Just to cross our T's and dot our I's. The bridge we run is Matrix <-> Discord/Telegram/Something-else?

Since Matrix clients can't really connect to IRC channels [1], whenever we go to e.g. we are actually joining an IRC <-> Matrix bridged room. And's Matrix instance is run by Element nowadays [2].

Now, when we join, we are joining an IRC <-> Matrix (or Matrix <-> IRC, whatever one's personal philosophy is) bridged room, but the Matrix instance is hosted by us instead. So, the ones that set up the bridge was the folks, then? Based on Jacob's answer, it appears so and makes sense now that I face this fact.

  2. Fact picked up while lurking on #libera-matrix:libera-chat:!$71uJNLMX01iFOBbYAVy5gcHmkgX3jffdAzxt7cYDtWU?
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Updated by luc14n0 about 1 year ago

OK, after another round of digging I confirmed my previous beliefs, the bridged rooms in our instance ( rooms) is set up by us [1], and makes more sense than my other statement.

But in the end, the bridge is the same (source code wise). So unless there's degraded performance with our homeserver (which is a reasonable assumption, since Synapse doesn't scale that well, to put it mildly), I'd say there won't be that much we can do, from our side, until the issue gets fixed upstream.

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Updated by luc14n0 10 months ago

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Since Libera.Chat[1] asked Element[2] to shutdown the Matrix<->IRC bridge because of issues like the one described here, among other things, we can close this ticket.

There's no real ETA for bringing back the bridge[3], though.


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