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Dear admins,

I'd like to migrate what I currently host on my own VPS under
http://gs-stats.leuenberger.netĀ over to

The graph shows a (daily updated) statistic of AppStream Metadata
inside openSUSE Tumbleweed (such a graph makes no sense for released
products, as there should not be variation during its lifetime)

The website serves 'pure html and javascript'
Special is the need for a cron job that checks if a new snapshot has
neen released and updates the data file every now and then (currently
done every 6 hours on my server)

Other than that, in order to be able to extract the appdata.xml.gz and
produce the pages linked at the bottom of http://gs-stats.leuenberger.n
et, the OS used needs to have the possibility to install appstream-glib
on it (preferably recent versions as in SLE12SP2, but SLE12SP1 should
be able to cater for 2 out of the three links).

Thank you very much for helping me set up this environment,


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the correct link is:

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What's the status here?

From what I know this has all been installed on the right VM by now (the one hosting software.o.o) - but the external DNS entry is still not available.

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filed ticket to microfocus-IT

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VM setup, DNS int and ext configured. All done

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