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New infrastructure admin portal page

Added by Anonymous about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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At the moment, we have:

listing some of the admins that are behind openSUSE infrastructure. Maybe it's time to revamp the page and/or add the new missing admins?


#1 Updated by AdaLovelace about 6 years ago

Revamping is very important! Keywords like Infrastructure and System Administration are missing. That's the reason why many people don't know the team.

That should become like the page of or
I would keep the names and pictures of different people and add the new people.

It should become easier to find the team via Google.

I'll begin next weekend.

#2 Updated by AdaLovelace about 6 years ago

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#3 Updated by AdaLovelace about 6 years ago

I have added a new picture of the servers. Christian and I are new Members.
Mail addresses are changed from to
I added a part "Contributions" with the link to the Infrastructure presentation by Lars (oSC15), because you wanted to get new Contributors and other distributions get new Infrastructure Contributors...

You can review it. :-)

#4 Updated by cboltz about 6 years ago

Thanks for the update!

The page mostly looks good, but it wouldn't be me without bugreports ;-)

  • is admin@ really a mailinglist? Otherwise it shouldn't use the {{Mailinglist}} template which brings in subscribe addresses etc.
  • you were a bit quick with adding the (not yet existing) opensuse-admin@ mailinglist (besides that, we were hoping for heros@ ;-)
  • maybe we can use a more green-ish picture of a datacenter? Either the one from or Lars has an even better one.

#5 Updated by AdaLovelace about 6 years ago

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Thanks for the feedback!
I changed the picture and changed admin@o.o from mailing list to mailto. It has been as a mailing list in the wiki all the time.
We have to wait with our alias for the new mailing list. I am monitoring that and will add the new name.

#6 Updated by OrangeCMS almost 6 years ago

Looks excellent to me! :)

#7 Updated by AdaLovelace almost 6 years ago

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