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action #11564: s390x: add SSH+GUI as frontend to the Installation process

ssh-X has some issues with resizing

Added by mgriessmeier over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Enhancement to existing tests
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observation fails because the window in foreground could not be maximized using xdotools

steps to reproduce

ssh-X installation on zVM, reproducible every time since


last good:


#1 Updated by okurz over 5 years ago

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#2 Updated by okurz over 5 years ago

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zVM, I meant zVM, not zkvm

#3 Updated by mgriessmeier over 5 years ago

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Window got resized back to default after "System Probing"

okurz tries to reproduce it manually and has a look on yast changes between Builds 1616 and 1621

#4 Updated by okurz over 5 years ago

I didn't find anything related in changelog difference with

arch=s390x old=1616 new=1621 base=Beta2; vimdiff${old}/${arch}/ChangeLog-${base}-Build${old}.txt${new}/${arch}/ChangeLog-${base}-Build${new}.txt

The return value of the system call on xdotools might need to be checked but the resizing seems to work, just resizes afterwards.

I will try to reproduce the first bad, then the last good.

http://lord.arch/tests/1390 through http://lord.arch/tests/1394 reproduce this issue on Build1621 (5/5), http://lord.arch/tests/1395 through http://lord.arch/tests/1399 show that Build1616 is still working fine (5/5) so definitely product change that introduced this.

#5 Updated by lslezak over 5 years ago

I have tried an SSH installation with build 1621 in a x86_64 VM. I noticed that during initialization the YaST window was closed and then reopened again.
However, the reopened window had the same size as the original window.

I have checked the logs and it turned out that YaST was restarted:

clients/installation.rb:92 Installation ret:restart_yast`

That's because of the self-update feature

Unfortunately I have no idea why the reopened window has a different size :-(

#6 Updated by okurz over 5 years ago

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filed as product bug - before I saw the discussion on irc:// that this is already worked on ;-) -

We might need to call "xdotool" again depending on how the product will behave but let's wait for YaST team's work on this

#7 Updated by lslezak over 5 years ago

The Welcome step calls "ensure_fullscreen" (, the same should be called also later (in ?)

Please fix this on the openQA side as the YaST solution would be too complicated and require too much effort with small gain in the end... :-(
Thank you!

#8 Updated by okurz over 5 years ago

PR as workaround to set window to fullscreen again in the step when application restarts after self-update. merged.

had to recreate the windowborder needle because of differing font. Initial needle was an icewm no my computer, the worker is running yet another font. might prove it's working after the job finishes.

#9 Updated by okurz over 5 years ago

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not failed recently, also we added a test to test installer self-updating as well as disabled self-updating. Looks good.

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