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Add AutoYaST test suites for chained dependencies in YaST Maintenance Updates in SLE-12-SP{4,5}

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See #109187
It is done for SLE-15-SP{3,4} in #109214. Let's try to reuse the same AutoYaST profile for the rest of the products in maintenance.
mru-install-desktop-with-addons | mru-install-minimal-with-addons

These new testsuites should be put in YaST Development job group. Then we will file another ticket to deploy this in YaST MU job group.


Test suites with external dependencies: mru-install-desktop-with-addons & mru-install-minimal-with-addons
Products: SLE 12-SP4 and SLE 12-SP5.
Architectures: mru-install-minimal-with-addons is running in three architectures, aim for all of them if possible.

Acceptance criteria

AC1: New AutoYaST test suites are created in 'YaST Maintenance Updates - Development' openQA job group corresponding to mru-install-desktop-with-addons & mru-install-minimal-with-addons.
AC2: Copies of the chained dependencies of test suites mru-install-desktop-with-addons & mru-install-minimal-with-addons which are in YaST MU job group will be set to new AutoYaST test suites in 'YaST Maintenance Updates - Development' job group
AC3: If we cannot reuse the AutoYaST profile created for SLE-15-SP{3,4} consider to reduce the scope of products or architectures to migrate to AutoYaST.


  • Reuse knowledge from previous task: #107674 #109187
  • We could reuse very likely the AutoYaST profiles created for SLE-15-SP3.
  • Rename the teststuites creating AutoYaST image to autoyast_create_* so we can distinguish better between old and new things regardless of the job group, maintenance or product.

For sle-12-sp5 seems that we can reuse the profile, but for sle-12-sp4 where we have some issue with ltss we need to figure out.

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is there any MR with the setup?

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is there any MR with the setup?

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