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coordination #112571: [Epic] Enable libyui REST in YaST MU

Add maintenance updates as additional add-on products iteratively with libyui REST

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The only test module stopping us to move to libyui REST test suites in MUs is installation/add_update_test_repo.
Although we will favor to add a DUD for adding maintenance updates (see #113734) we should have available this iterative solution to add add-ons during the interactive installation with libyui REST, in case we need to fall back to it, due to the DUD solution would require a chained job which might fail for some reason (but it should be fine, just thinking in the worst case scenario).


SLE-15-SP{3,4}, where we can use libyui REST, but we can start applying only to one test suite for example.

Acceptance criteria

AC1: An equivalent test module to installation/add_update_test_repo using libyui REST is created.


We could add a name for the repo in similar fashion we did for AutoYaST, it makes easier to identify the repos and with libyui REST we can be in the safe side even when more typing is provided.


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(we have this good habit in the squad in case we didn't mentioned to you Bill, we might have forgot, it helps for code reviews)

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