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Cisco openh264 distribution

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Hello team,

may I please ask for an assistance with

I want to make sure that we provide cisco "optimal" instructions for
how to rsync data from specific project/rpms to the inside of the ticket. Feel free to
ping me with any text that should be added to description, or simply
write a comment and I'll update it afterwards.

Ideally the repo publishing should be disabled on the OBS side, so
people dont have an easy way to consume rpm from OBS (that's why we're
doin it in the first place). I did a one time publish to simplify
rsync, but I'd appreciate something that does not involve publishing of
repo on our side (unless that repo would redirect get to

Last step will be to have a direstory/repository on that will contain these openh264 rpms, but will
redirect all get requests to the same file hosted on$file

Neal mention that he'll bump the dist tag, so we have unique filenames
per distribution, as the host seem to host all files within a single

Meanwhile, our SUSE TAM is raising the issue on cisco calls so we get
"some" priority.

Thank you

Best regards

Lubos Kocman
openSUSE Leap Release Manager

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Updated by Pharaoh_Atem almost 2 years ago

I've already completed the work to add a DistTag to all the packages built in the repository:

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Closing here, as it looks like Pharaoh_Atem already provided all relevant documentation.

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On Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2023, 16:18:51 CET Lubos Kocman wrote:
> Hello autobuild team!
> We've discussed this with Adrian yesterday as part of
> I'd like to ask you to set up custom "repodata-only" publishing for our 
> openh264 projects which are using <access><disabled/></access> to 
> control who can access them and utilize redirect rule for rpms to cisco 
> infra (will be discussed with *heroes later today).

The way how fedora implemented this is actually independend of
repository building.

They offer the full repository on their server, but they redirect
for the rpm files to the cisco server.

So all what we need to do is to publish to a special directory on
some vhost (like, but all the setup 
magic for this must be done on that vhost setup.

so, just tell use to which rsync module on which server we need to sync.


> openSUSE:Factory:openh264
> openSUSE:Factory:openh264:POST (snapshot of not yet published rpms 
> emailed to cisco)
> openSUSE:Factory:openh264:PUBLISHED (published repodata on download-o-o)
> I think it would be safest to "get rid of rpms" as part of publishing 
> for all of these projects above as we've already faced accidentally 
> enabled publishing in the past. And this would be considered a safety 
> mechanism.
> The publish flag would be enabled only for 
> openSUSE:Factory:openh264:PUBLISHED to where I'd release data *manually.
> As part of the publishing, we expect to publish repodata for both 
> version-less openSUSE_Leap (for all Leap versions built against the 
> oldest supported) and openSUSE_Tumbleweed.
> The publish location for Leap would by default have Tumbleweed in the 
> path which looks a bit odd. If you could think of any solution for a 
> "single Leap repo" I'd be more than happy.
> [0]
> [1]
> Thank you very much in advance
> Lubos Kocman

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Updated by lkocman about 1 year ago

Let's do it that way, I know we've discussed it would be an overkill, however it would allow us to do listing with redirect. We just need to make sure this module is not accessible to mirrors.

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Updated by lkocman about 1 year ago

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So we need a custom rsync module to which we will publish from

with either (that would be excluded from offering to mirrors)

This needs to be set up with apache redirect of rpm files: (host depends on the rsync module / subdomain above)$arch/libopenh264-7-2.3.1-8.suse1500.1.x86_64.rpm ->$arch/libopenh264-7-2.3.1-8.suse1500.1.x86_64.rpm ->

(this is just example rpm we need *.rpm -> *.rpm)

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Leaving unassigned.

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Updated by crameleon about 1 year ago

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http[s]:// set up. RPM files redirect to for now, will change to once the rest of the setup is complete.


  • how do I reload rsyncd-internal.conf ?
  • how do I configure the new vhost to use the modern directory listing ?
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Questions resolved, directory index theme configured (besides some minor CSS artifacts).

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Redirect for to configured.

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Updated by lkocman about 1 year ago

Thank you folks! Now it's on autobuild side.

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Updated by lkocman about 1 year ago

Thanks to all involved. Last part is on me. I'll send zip with rpms to cisco and ask to republish.
Big thanks to all who worked on the setup!


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