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Cisco openh264 distribution

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Hello team,

may I please ask for an assistance with

I want to make sure that we provide cisco "optimal" instructions for
how to rsync data from specific project/rpms to the inside of the ticket. Feel free to
ping me with any text that should be added to description, or simply
write a comment and I'll update it afterwards.

Ideally the repo publishing should be disabled on the OBS side, so
people dont have an easy way to consume rpm from OBS (that's why we're
doin it in the first place). I did a one time publish to simplify
rsync, but I'd appreciate something that does not involve publishing of
repo on our side (unless that repo would redirect get to

Last step will be to have a direstory/repository on that will contain these openh264 rpms, but will
redirect all get requests to the same file hosted on$file

Neal mention that he'll bump the dist tag, so we have unique filenames
per distribution, as the host seem to host all files within a single

Meanwhile, our SUSE TAM is raising the issue on cisco calls so we get
"some" priority.

Thank you

Best regards

Lubos Kocman
openSUSE Leap Release Manager


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I've already completed the work to add a DistTag to all the packages built in the repository:

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Closing here, as it looks like Pharaoh_Atem already provided all relevant documentation.

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