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[qe-core][epic] Zypper test plan

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Enhancement to existing tests
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Zypper is core to the updating and migrating SLE so it's important to cover in automated testing the variety of how it is used. Repositories are closely intertwiner with zypper, and especially rmt (repository mirroring tool) is of importance. PackageKit is a frontend that uses zypper via libzypp.

On a high level, zypper is used most of all to:

  • Install the packages to the installed system
  • Install new packages
  • Upgrade packages
  • Upgrade (migrate) the whole system

Currently QE Core runs the following:

  • Modules zypper_clear_repos zypper_ar zypper_ref zypper_lr zypper_in zypper_log zypper_up zypper_lifecycle zypper_extend orphaned_packages_check (in extra_tests_textmode and mau-extratests-zypper)
  • Test suite toolchain_zypper installs a build environment but otherwise is mostly about building, not about zypper any more than many other modules
  • Especially zypper_extend is quite extensive regression tests suite, I think main functions are quite well covered by it and the other modules
  • Upgrading between Leap major versions in O3
  • rmt_feature module via qam_rmt
  • updates_packagekit_gpk

Areas uncovered that QE Core could cover in automated tests:

  • Catch new zypper warning messages that might be important -
  • Execute rmt_feature also in Development version
  • For cleanup purposes, investigate "console/" and either enable using of it for all releases or get rid of it if it's obsoleted by the console/rmt/* - if removing, also remove RMT_TEST and its use (is_rmt) from main_common (nothing seems to specify RMT_TEST but double-check).
  • Executing the tests but with using the new environment variables that enable different zypper features. At least ZYPP_SINGLE_RPMTRANS=1, possibly also ZYPP_MEDIANETWORK=1 which is another new feature.
  • Checking Ctrl-C aborting of zypper midway and resuming
  • gnome-software - but this is low priority because of SUSE having next to no desktop business compared to Red Hat or Ubuntu

Other squads cover:

  • QE Yast tests zypper_in/zypper_lr/zypper_lifecycle/zypper_ref/zypper_log/zypper_clear_repos during install time and has a module yast2_rmt
  • QE SAP tests zypper in online migration / zypper patch
  • QE Migration tests migrations between SLE major versions (currently does not cover Leap, so it's left to Core for time being), and executes the same zypper tests as Yast and SAP together, and for rmt modules rmt_feature, rmt_export, rmt_chinese, rmt_host_migration, rmt_import
  • JeOS tests the same zypper tests as others, including zypper_extend
  • In openSUSE there's also updates_packagekit_kde

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action #106916: [qe-core] test fails in rmt_feature - detect failing post-install scripts during zypper_callsResolvedpherranz2022-02-16

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Updated by szarate over 2 years ago

Timo: I'd say "Catch new zypper warning messages that might be important" cound be rephrased "making an evaluation of different errors that could potentially be catched during tests, as a preemptive action."

gnome-software is for the desktop team (See packagekit below too).

Before moving on with the epic to breaking it down to tasks (As I would like to use it as a template for future epics, themes, and taking from the experience of the last epic) questions I'd like to be able to answer is:

  • What is the benefit and objective of working on this epic and it's related tasks?
  • What is the pov of the epic? release manager? users? sysadmins? all of the above?
  • Epic states testplan, but has no other information about what's the expectation.
  • Why PackageKit and not yast? If we're talking about zypper, why is PackageKit mentioned? Is the epic about package installation in general? or is it about zypper specifically?
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