coordination #102909

coordination #102906: [saga][epic] Increased stability of tests with less "known failures", known incompletes handled automatically within openQA

[epic] Prevent more incompletes already within os-autoinst or openQA

Added by okurz over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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action #59926: test incompletes in middle of execution with auto_review:"Unexpected end of data 0":retry, system journal shows 'kernel: traps: /usr/bin/isotov[2300] general protection ip:7fd5ef11771e sp:7ffe066f2200 error:0 in[7fd5ef094000+1b1000]'New

action #69448: test incompletes with auto_review:"(?s)was downloaded by.*details.*unavailable here.*Failed to download":retry , not helpful detailsWorkable

coordination #69451: [epic] test incompletes with "(?s)Download.*successful.*Failed to download":retry, not helpful detailsNew

action #69691: Improve incomplete output for qemu related problems, e.g. auto_review:"Failed to allocate KVM HPT.*Cannot allocate memory":retry instead of "can't open qmp"Workable

action #71188: job incomplete with auto_review:"backend died: QEMU exited unexpectedly, see log for details" and no other obvious information in the logfile what went wrongWorkable

action #71227: [ux] job incompletes with auto_review:"backend died: 'current_console' is not set at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/backend/ line 932."Workable

action #73273: job incompletes with auto_review:"setup failure: Cache service status error from API.* file is not a database .*":retryWorkable

action #73282: auto_review:"setup failure: Cache service status error from API: Minion job.*Worker went away":retryWorkable

action #73288: auto_review:"setup failure: Cache service status error from API: Minion job.*Job terminated unexpectedly":retryWorkable

action #73294: auto_review:"isotovideo died: needles_dir not found" should be 'tests died' or something similar obvious to test maintainers that they need to actWorkable

action #73369: Job incompletes with auto_review:"(?s)backend died: runcmd .*qemu-img create -f qcow2 .* failed with exit code 1: 'Formatting .*" on o3Workable

action #73375: Job incompletes with reason auto_review:"(?m)api failure$" (and no further details)Workable

action #73525: Job incompletes with auto_review:"backend died: unexpected end of data at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/consoles/*":retryNew

action #75388: Explicit error feedback to test reviewers on wrong test API usageWorkable

action #78055: job incomplete exiting prematurely before reaching needle check timeout auto_review:"(?s)called testapi::assert_screen.*no match: [^-0]+\.[0-9]s,[^\n]*\n[^\n]*backend process exited: 0.*\[autotest\] process exited: 1":retryNew

action #80226: job incomplete with autoinst-log.txt ending just in the middleNew

action #80356: incompletes with auto_review:"Cache service.*error: Connection refused":retryWorkable

action #80778: job incompletes with "Virtio terminal and svirt serial terminal do not support send_key", we should change the reason message to be ignored by auto-review, but be clear for the test maintainerWorkable

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