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07:34 openQA Tests action #80282 (Resolved): [qe-sap][qem] test fails in check_after_reboot
We no longer have running tests for SAP in the 12SP2 TestRepo jobgroup. However, it was not removed by me. I'm closin... jadamek
07:19 openQA Tests action #92566 (Resolved): [qe-sap][qem][SAP]test fails in Sysctl
The issue no longer happens, let's resolve this ticket for now. jadamek


14:07 openQA Tests action #97772: [migration][zypper_migration][qem][maint] test fails in zypper_migration - test keeps failing after related bug is closed as fixed
As it's clearly a bug and not an infra or test issue, if the test is removed, I'm not sure someone will pay attention... jadamek


16:07 openQA Tests action #88273: [qem][qe-sap][ha] grub2 error: invalid magic number
Well, the issue should be fixed now.
I was able to reproduce the issue without the MM config and without the HA modu...
06:12 openQA Tests action #98328 (Resolved): [qe-sap][sap] Rename *-robot-fw tests to *-sys-param-check
All good with the new name: jadamek


14:16 openQA Tests action #98328 (Feedback): [qe-sap][sap] Rename *-robot-fw tests to *-sys-param-check
Merged, now I'm waiting the next runs to check if everything is fine before closing this ticket. jadamek
13:53 openQA Tests action #98328: [qe-sap][sap] Rename *-robot-fw tests to *-sys-param-check
As I mention in the PR description, the gitlab...
12:34 openQA Tests action #98328 (In Progress): [qe-sap][sap] Rename *-robot-fw tests to *-sys-param-check
09:50 openQA Tests action #92566 (Feedback): [qe-sap][qem][SAP]test fails in Sysctl jadamek
09:45 openQA Tests action #89785 (Resolved): [qe-sap][sap][hana] Require to add switch for enlarge swap checkbox

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