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07:21 pm openSUSE admin communication #51260: 2019-06-04 18:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting June 2019
Please contact SUSE and MF IT about forums instability, i.e. spontaneous logouts, no login possible, redirects etc. e...


11:46 pm openSUSE admin tickets #41933: Mirror redirector is down
cboltz wrote:
> I have some good news - I found a workaround to "hide" the downtime. See my mail to heroes@ for the ...


10:58 am openSUSE Board action #36447 (Closed): Add
Please add the above ML, to be used for general support (and nothing but that), subscribers only, default moderation,...


11:51 am openSUSE admin tickets #25556: DNS
tampakrap wrote:
> give me an example of such a webpage please that is getting redirected and it shouldn't
Tried ...


08:50 pm openSUSE admin tickets #19358 (Rejected): Merging of and
Please arrange merger of the two above mentioned mailing lists to only, with transfer of the su...

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