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Updated by SLindoMansilla over 6 years ago

## Motivation 

 Our new SLE12_SP3 image for RPi3 is using xdm together with icewm window manger.  

 I found that icewm is part of otherDE tests but it is not full WM test, see 

 It would be nice if we can test icewm at least on x86_64 and check if it behaves correctly according to default icewm configuration. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** openSUSE and SLE tests covering icewm exercise more test steps from what we have on e.g. gnome 
 * **AC2:** All sub-tasks are resolved. 

 ## Tasks 

 We have in mind something like this: 

 * Basic desktop behavior (See subtask [poo#32074]( 
   * check suse wallpaper 
   * walk through "start" menu - try Help and wait for html help 
   * change theme 
   * check decorations of windows 
   * execute xterm and then click on Show deskop icon - it should minimize all windows, if you click again the windows should appear again 
 * Check basic widget behavior ([poo#32080]( 
   * check if clock "widget" is working correctly - click and xclock should appear 
   * check if mail "widget" is working correctly - click and some email client should appear 
   * check if system-monitor "widget" is working - click on first column and "netstat" or its equivalent like "ss" in SLE15 should appear, middle column (memory details) does nothing on click and by clicking on third column a "top" window should appear. 
 * Boot/Start (See subtask [poo#32086]( 
   * logout and login again over xdm 
   * shutdown and reboot 

 ## Further details 

 Keep in mind that icewm has a "desktop runner" equivalence, see 

 Related to [bsc#1078295](