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Updated by JERiveraMoya almost 4 years ago

As a user I would like to test with openQA a full installation in another language:

Motivation for this is in this Epic:
Functional team has given some steps forward, for example testing in the Installer to switch keyboard layout and currently in progress testing with the tty as root and as a user.
For the moment we need to switch back to English US keyboard because we have encounter some challenges completing a full installation.

Regarding how could be implemented in future a full installation in another languages I was playing around and researching a bit. This is what I found:
+ qumu provides a way I was able to change language, for example adding: qumu language adding after
`gen_params @params, 'k', $vars->{QEMULANGUAGE} if $vars->{QEMULANGUAGE};
+ Once qemu is changed we find difficulties in the bootloader test, Our has a working subroutine select_bootmenu_language that allows to change the language, but should be called the first and not the last due to we need to first change the language to type the bootloader parameters.
--> It works but VNC is in the middle and keys that needs modifier keys (shift, alt, control, etc) does not return the right result (as I could check returns the correct right key in the corresponding language without including shift/control/etc). using shift for example).
--> In repo autoinst there How is done in autoinst?: There is a specific mapping that allows to use modifiers mentioned above.

+ On the other hand, we might not want to change the language in the bootloader, but once the qemu is configured with -k we need to do it because it starts to convert from the very beginning.
I found specially interesting this article recommended in the qemu documentation which doesn't recommend to use -k parameter in the same way that many other sources neither do.

We are thinking to test with one language first, for example fr and we will need that openQA would support at least one language so shorcuts to access menu would not fail and Installation could be done correctly in another language so on top of that we can test further in the system.